Antique leafing - Awesome Gold Leafing

Antique leafing, also known as gilding, is a decorative technique that involves applying a thin layer of metal leaf, typically gold or silver, to a surface to create a shiny, metallic finish. The process of leafing involves applying a special adhesive, known as size, to the surface to be decorated, allowing it to dry until it becomes tacky, and then carefully applying the sheets of metal leaf over the surface, smoothing them down to ensure they adhere properly.

Antique leafing has been used for centuries as a decorative technique for a variety of objects and surfaces, including furniture, picture frames, architectural details, and even entire rooms. The technique can be used to create a variety of different finishes, from a bright and shiny metallic look to a more aged and antiqued appearance. The latter is achieved by using special techniques to distress the metal leaf, such as rubbing it with a burnishing tool or applying a patina to darken and age the metal.