FAQ - Awesome Gold Leafing

1. Apply Adhesive to the Surface. The first step is to apply the adhesive to the entire surface where you'll be applying the gold leaf. ... 2. Lay Gold Leaf Sheets Across Adhesive. ... 3. Apply Additional Adhesive and Gold Leaf Sheets As Needed. ... 4. Burnish and Remove Excess Gold Leaf. ... 5. Seal the Gold Leaf.

Gold leaf is produced using only pure gold, sometimes melted with silver and copper. Imitation gold leaf, also called gold-like, is produced with aluminium or copper.

Properly applied, gold leaf should last 40-50 years in an exterior application, Kramer says. (The golden rule: Never apply a protective coating on exterior gilding. When the cover coat breaks down due to the elements, it will take the gold with it.) off the surface.

Gold leaf will provide an even more beautiful look that will last longer than paint. Additionally, though initial cost may seem greater in comparison to cheaper “gold” paint works, gold leaf will be less expensive in the long run due to its larger lifespan and resistance to elements such as sunlight and water.