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24 karat gold leafing, also known as gilding, is a process of applying extremely thin sheets of pure gold onto a surface. The gold used in gold leafing is typically 24 karat, which is the highest purity of gold available.

Gold leafing is a highly specialized and time-consuming process that requires great skill and precision. The process involves applying a thin layer of adhesive to the surface to be gilded, and then carefully applying the gold leaf sheets to the adhesive with a gilder’s brush or tool. The gold leaf sheets are so thin that they can easily tear or crumble, so the process requires a steady hand and a delicate touch.

Once the gold leaf has been applied, it is usually burnished or polished to create a smooth, reflective surface. Gold leafing is often used to embellish decorative objects, such as picture frames, furniture, and architectural features. It can also be used in painting and other art forms to create a highly reflective, metallic effect.