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Silver leafing foil | Cooper leafing foil | Gold leafing foil

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Our leaf foil sheets are made of high quality and a cost-effective substitute for real gold leaf sheets and are widely used in DIY craft projects including resin artwork, paintings, furniture decoration, advanced architecture, artefacts, statues, handicrafts, gilding crafts, nail art, picture frame decoration, interior and exterior wall decoration


About this item

  • We Believe In Truth, Quality, Timely Services and Customer Satisfaction Dimension & Color: 100 Sheets/3 Pack, 3.15″ X 3.15″ inches /(8CM X 8CM),Color: GOLD COPPER SILVER
  • Materials: These foil papers are not real GOLD COPPER SILVER foil sheets but imitation gold material. The main component of these foil sheets are alloy.
  • Warm Note: The imitation GOLD COPPER SILVER foil sheets are not suitable for eating. The decorative foil sheets are thin, you need to be patient and skilled. You can look at YouTube tutorials on how to apply these sheets so that you don’t ruin them.
  • Applications: You can use these imitation GOLD COPPER SILVER Sheets on many ways such as Gilding, Resin Arts, artistic work, Furniture, Picture Frames, Slime, Nails Arts, Eyes, Paintings and Interior Design.
  • Professional Factory:We are a professional GOLD COPPER SILVER leaf foil factory for more than 29 years,but we are new to amazon. Our team will be constantly on hand to solve any doubts our customers may have.

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Colour Golden,Silver
Shape Leaf